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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 20, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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tremendous response there has been from law enforcement and especially from the aurora police department to this incident. i want to thank the u.s. attorney's office and the attorney general's office for their support. with this many victims, we have two concerns. one is providing information that they need and providing resources they need. we will -- at this point in time victims should be contacting the aurora police department and looking for resources on the aurora police department website. as the case goes to court next week, they can contact -- we have set up a contact e-mail account so we can get information out as quickly as possible. we have resources available on our website. and i want to say that the aurora mental health center has agreed to stay open 24 hours a day for this weekend. people may feel fine now and may have a problem tomorrow.
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they may have a problem next week, several months down the line. but they should seek some counseling or resources if they have been victims. it's to be expected. if there are financial issues, that should not stop them. they should contact us for financial resources. we want to make sure we are getting out whatever our victims in this case need. so with that i will turn it over to special agent. >> good afternoon. i just want to re-emphasize what chief oates has talked about. we have had a tightly integrated investigative response. the fbi currently has approximately 100 folks on scene, closely integrated with the aurora police department as to several other agencies. the atf is here as well in force with more than 25 folks. we are working on interviews. we are collecting evidence. we are trying to run leads that
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span beyond colorado at this point. i want to emphasize at this point we do not see a nexus to terrorism. we are continuing to look and we are being as cautious as possible with the investigation as we move forward. so the joint terrorism task force representing at least 23 federal state and local agencies is on site. again, we are lashed up tightly with the aurora police department and working in a coordinated fashion. i'll be followed by chief oat dles and we'll be prepared to take questions. >> again, i thank all our colleagues in law enforcement for their support today. i'll make a note that senator udal has joined us. we appreciate the support from the community leaders behind me. with that i will take a modest number of questions. >> any idea the motive of this? >> we are not speculating on motive. >> chief, can you walk us through the timeline of this -- >> one at a time.
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>> how did he get inside the theater. >> that's under investigation. his car was parked right outside the back door. >> can you walk us through the timeline of when it began point by point and how much time elapsed? >> again, we were on scene within a minute or a minute and a half and immediately arrested the suspect in the back of the theater. from our first call to his apprehension was a minute to a minute and a half. >> you have people inside the theater, police officers working in the theater. >> we often have off duty police officers working at this theater. they were not working there that night. the response was rapid. >> did he make an attempt to get away? >> he surrendered without significant incident to our officer. >> why did he choose batman? >> i'm not getting into why he did what he did. that's not something we are prepared to discuss.
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yes, sir? i'm sorry? >> there was a suggestion he was dressed as the joker. >> no. he was dressed as i described. >> did he say anything to you? >> that's not something we would discuss in this setting. >> what was the weapon he used to fire at people. of the four weapons -- >> there is significant evidence he used the ar-15, the shotgun within the theater and a .40-caliber glock. in the end he was in possession of two .40 caliber glocks. which one he used in the theater or both, that's something we are working on. >> how many magazines -- >> we are not prepared to tell you how many magazines. there was a lot of forensic and ballistic evidence. we will be in the theater for quite some time working the crime scene. we are not in a position to share that with you. >> the ages of the victims -- >> in new york. he said on camera the suspect said he was the joker and had
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red hair but he is cooperating with you. can you cooperate? >> i can't. i uh received a phone call for the nypd. i discussed the matter with them. i have nothing to say about that. >> does he have a right to have those weapons legally? >> we are working on the investigation of the weapons. i don't know what their legal status is. we have the assistance of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. i'm not prepared to talk about it now. we are not sure what we were dealing with in the home. there appears to be incendiary devices, chemicals there. they are linked together with wires. as a layman, it's something i have never seen before. we have smart bomb techs up there trying to figure out what we are going to do. >> why did he tell you there were explosives in the apartment. >> we don't know why he told us that. >> were some of the victims children? >> he's cooperating? >> i'm not going to discuss it.
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>> aside from the speeding ticket, has your department ever been made aware of this individual at any point? >> that's the extent of our contact with him. anyone else? >> did he start shooting with the ar -- >> if i knew, i wouldn't tell you now. we are not in a position to talk about the identity of victims. let me talk about the handling of the victims. we have a lot of work to do. we have victim advocates to deal with the victims and families. we have a staging area for families at gateway high school down the street. that continues to be the staging area for victims. obviously we ask that you give them space and privacy. there are folks trying to locate loved ones. this is a very tough day for a lot of people. they have been through a lot. we appreciate it if you gave us space. we are not in a position to talk about any of the victims until all of the victims are identified and all the family members are spoken to by us.
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i'm not prepared to release his booking photo today. i don't know when we will. yes, sir? >> is it legal to carry a rifle in this state? >> i don't know the status of the legality of his possession of those weapons. i will leave it at that. all right. one more question. yes, sir? >> we had a witness say he saw a suspicious person in the front aisle that was lingering near the exit where he came in. i'm wondering about him acting alone. did that play a part in allowing him to get in? >> we have information as to what occurred in the theater based on the roughly 200 interviews we have made. we have ballistic evidence inside that suggests how the shooting went down. we have so much investigation to do that's the kind of evidence for a prosecution, not for discussion at this time.
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>> you couldn't access that door from the outside. it has to be opened from the inside. >> we are not prepared to discuss theories about how he got in there with the weapons, but we'll tell you his car was parked outside the back door. >> are there cameras inside the theater? >> how long did the whole thing last if you got calls at 12:39. >> there were rounds fired rapidly. we know they were there within a minute and a half to two minutes from when we were called. in an e event like that we can surmise how much time it takes for someone in that traumatic event to call through, get through and dispatch to us. that will be looked into. we'll leave it at that. thank you very much, folks. we'll offer an update to you at 7:00 p.m. that update will be at aurora city hall. okay? thank you very much. >> that is aurora county police chief daniel oates giving us the
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latest on the theater shooting in colorado. we have gasolined a fair amount of new information. 71 people were shot according to the police chief. we know 12 of them died. 59 people were injured. the suspect's name, james eagen holmes. he is 24 years old. the chief telling us that until this point the only interaction he had with police there, a speeding ticket in 2011. jay gray standing by there for us in colorado with the latest. jay, what can you tell us. >> reporter: let's talk first about the scene outside the theater. investigators are still here and say they will be here for quite some time. this is going to be a very tedious, thorough investigation inside the theater where this massacre occurred. i can tell you within the last hour to hour and a half the coroner has shown up. that's a grave reminder of what happened overnight into the early morning hours here.
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we have learned a lot about the shooter. first of all, 24-year-old james holmes was enrolled at one point in the university of colorado denver medical school. he withdrew last month. he filled out an application for an apartment just about a month ago, was asked to describe himself and wrote the words, "easy going." police, as you talked about don't have a record of criminal activity involved with mr. holmes either here in colorado or at his home in san diego, california. he was armed with four weapons as we just heard. threw smoke canisters into this packed theater at the opening showing of the new batman movie, walked through the exit door near the screen as the smoke began to fill the theater he fired one shot into the air and then lowered his weapons and began firing on the crowd there. >> we learned a few moments ago from the police chief just how well planned this attack seemed
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to be. he was wearing in addition to what's being described as a bullet proof vest a throat protector, groin protector, a gas mask, a ballistic helmet. it sounds as if he was in full body armor, if you will. his white hyundai parked right outside the back door there according to the police chief just a few moments ago. we're also told that essentially they have two scenes. the theater scene they say they will be processing for some time and a also the scene at the apartment. we are told the apartment is booby-trapped. trip wires. what else can youle tell us about the apartment, jay gray? >> reporter: two very important points you make. first of all, he was obviously prepared for a fight, and a massive firefight. that didn't happen. we are told from police forces he surrendered easily when they found him by a car at the back of the theater. put no resistance at all and talked about idea that his apartment was booby trapped.
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there were explosives inside as the teams got there and began to investigate they found very sophisticated -- their words -- explosives inside the suspect's apartment. they evacuated five buildings there. they could be on that scene as well for hour or so days. it is an intricate set-up there with explosives inside the apartment capable of doing significant damage. they are working to figure out how they will disarm that explosive, the booby-trap, and that's their word, set up inside the apartment. they have a lot of work to do there. the investigation will focus obviously in his apartment but also at the scene of this killing at the theater. >> jay gray, thank you very much for that report. do stand by for me, good sir, i would love to come back to you later. right now i want to get to corbin dates who was inside theater 9 when the shots rang out shortly after midnight.
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are you there? >> yes, i am. >> did you have an opportunity to hear chief oates during that news conference? >> i'm sorry. it's hard to hear you. >> i asked if you had an opportunity to hear chief oates a few moments ago during the news conference. >> i only got to hear bits and pieces. the noise around me was so loud. i was present to see it though. >> talk to me about what you saw and heard inside the theater. >> how many were injured which totaled to 71. the number total of deceased was 12. i couldn't believe the numbers and believing i was there when it happened. this is something you can't erase. >> you were inside the theater. talk to me about precisely what happened when you were sitting there. >> when i was sitting in the theater it was supposed to be just a casual hanging out night with my friends. i arrived early waiting for her
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to get there. when i went there i grabbed a seat. the only two available were in the first or second row. i chose to sit in the second row about four seats away from the aisle. everything seemed normal. i noticed a guy walked into the auditorium, sat in the front row to the far right. he seemed like a normal person. he got a phone call. most people when they get phone calls in theaters they go into the lobby to answer it. this person went directly to the emergency exit to take the phone call which i thought was unusual. he seemed like he had his foot propped open by the door and through the crack it looked like he was signalling or looking for somebody to come his way. once again i didn't think nothing of it. i went back to watching the trailers. my friend informed me she arrived at our location. i met with her and brought her back to the theater. started about 15, 20 minutes
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into the movie the emergency door opened, a guy walked in. 5'8", 5'9", wearing all black, a helmet, gas mask and black armor. he looks like he has a gun strapped around his neck. he threw something into the audience. when it went off it was a gas canister and it wasn't a friendly gas. it was a serious situation because it was hard to breathe. immediately, i went to the floor. not after two seconds of it exploding, gunshots started going off into the auditorium. >> corbin, did he awe peer to be aiming? was he spraying? could you tell? >> i couldn't tell if he was aiming at somebody or randomly picking people. i couldn't tell. >> other eyewitnesses we have heard from throughout the day
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have said they did not hear him say anything before or during the shooting. did you hear him say anything? >> no. i did not hear this person say anything at all. he came into the auditorium. the worst happened. >> based on your description, what you described in terms of what he was wearing, did you think he was dressed as a character in the movie? what did you make of what he was wearing? >> i thought this person was a true fan of the batman movies. a stunt to get the audience a thrill. turns out it was not that situation at all a. it was the complete opposite. it's a horrible memory that i can't forget. >> you are okay, i understand. >> i was amazed. i have no idea being in front of him, five feet in front of the audience and not taking a single
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bullet. i have no idea how that came to be. i went to the ground and people in front of me went to the ground. i was caulk, focused on getting the people ahead of me to stay calm to draw less attention so the gunman would not come to us. >> how long did all of this play o out? from the time that canister was thrown until the time you managed to get out of the theater, how much time elapsed. >> i would say possibly 30 minutes. maybe a little more. but the gunshots itself, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. >> corbin, thank you so much, sir. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> i want to bring in our justice correspondent pete williams who has, of course, been following this throughout the morning. i know you were listening there
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to the police chief in aurora county a short time ago. let's talk about what we know at this point about this 24-year-old gunman. what can you tell us? >> not much. he grew up in san diego. he went to high school there. came to colorado to study neuroscience in denver. came in last year and then just this year began the process, the school says, of withdrawing, but why we don't know. no record he's ever served in the military. he had been living in aurora, colorado. arrived at the theater with four guns. as you have heard the police chief describe it's not clear whether he used all four or just three of e four. i guess one of the strange and remarkable things about this is that as the police chief said he was just standing there behind the theater when he was arrested. he didn't make any attempt to flee. he was clearly well prepared for this. all kinds of tactical gear.
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bullet proof things basically from head to toe and all the strange things he left behind in his apartment. throughout all of this, it's now well into this. we have heard nothing about what the apparent motive is, why he did this, whether he had mental problems, what was going on that would cause this young man to do this. that's still an unanswered question and whether the police have any theories about it or not, we don't know. if there are we haven't heard any. uh you heard the police chief talk about internet postings. sometimes you see those. there were things that popped up earlier. we haven't reported them because we're confident they were all hoaxes and the police chief said that as well. they have been searching for those things as well. you can be sure this far into the investigation they are looking at his e-mail records, his phone calls. they are looking at his travel. they are trying to find out where the guns were purchased.
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that will help to build a timeline to see how long he's been planning this, where did he buy that protective gear. all those things are leads the police will be pursuing. >> also presumably talking to anyone who had any sort of relationship with him as well. >> of course. >> thank you, pete williams. appreciate your time. >> you bet. >> still ahead here, president obama addresses the tragedy after first cancelling his campaign events today. >> i'm so grateful that all of you are here. i am so moved by your support. but there are going to be other days for politics. this, i think, is a day for prayer and reflection. >> we'll hear more from the president, plus the changes that both presidential campaigns are making in the wake of the violence. also movie theater security being ramped up here and abroad.
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is there concern about a potential copy cat? we'll talk about that. we'll have the latest as our coverage of the tragedy in colorado continues.
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this morning, we woke up to news of a tragedy that reminds us of all the ways that we are united as one american family. >> president obama there reacting to the tragic shooting in colorado. he'll spend this evening not on the trail as planned, but on the white house instead. the president returned to washington after cancelling his campaign events in the sunshine state. he used his only morning event in ft. myers to share his condolences with colorado and a grieving nation saying this is not the time for politics. meanwhile mitt romney echoing
2:25 pm
the same sentiment during an event in new hampshire. he also cancelled a planned series of interviews. both campaigns pulled their political ads in colorado as well. nbc news white house correspondent mike viqueir ark joins us. >> the president immediately went to the west wing for a meeting with the vice president, the fbi director, robert muller, kathy rumler the white house council and valerie jarrett to review what they know and what they can do. we had an announcement that the president issued a proclamation instructing that all american flags be flown at half staff here at the white house, federal government, military bases until sunset on july 25. the president started in west palm beach. he was on a two-day campaign
2:26 pm
swing through florida at 5:26. awoken by his homeland security adviser john brennan. told the news that transpired overnight in colorado. the white house had a decision to make. obviously the president wanted to address the nation, the citizens of colorado, the friends and families of the victims. he proceeded to ft. myers. the previously scheduled event. at 11:20 eastern time it was supposed to be a campaign rally and there were elements still excited to see the president. the president calmed the crowd and said in part the following. >> i'm sure that many of you who are parents here had the same reaction that i did when i heard this news. my daughters go to the movies. what if malia and sasha had been at the theater. michelle and i will be fortunate enough to hug our girls a little tighter tonight. >> meanwhile, the president was
2:27 pm
due for a second event today, that in winter park outside of orlando. that was cancelled. he flew back to the white house. he's back here. as for the romney side, they, too, suspended their campaigning. not only the principles here, mitt romney and president obama, but also ann romney, michelle obama and the vice president cancelling campaign events, taking down ads in colorado what they call contrast or negative ads as well as all ads in that market. mitt romney appearing in new hampshire. you heard what he had to say. very somber words in front of his supporters there. >> i stand before you today not as a man running for office, but as a father and grandfather, a husband and an american. each one of us will hold our kids a little bit closer, linger longer with a colleague or a neighbor, reach out to a family member or friend.
2:28 pm
>> mitt romney echoing the words of the president. both sides laying down political arms, putting the rhetoric aside for this day at least. craig? >> appreciate it. a twisted turn of fate. a woman killed in the colorado shooting blogged recently about how she managed to escape last month's mass shootings at toronto's eaton center. we'll talk to her friend straight ahead. >> the young girl i saw when we first came out, i just want to know that she's okay. she looked pretty bad. she looked real hurt. she was pretty young. i just want to just know she's all right. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i've got people running out of the theater that are shot. >> do we have gas masks available? >> east side. east side. i need officers on the east
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side. >> some 911 calls there of the chaos just in aurora, colorado, moments after it went down. just a few of the calls. we want to update you on the very latest. this is what we know now. at least 12 people are dead. 59 injured after a shooting rampage early today inside a movie theater in aurora, colorado, during the midnight premiere of the new batman movie. police say the gunman entered through an exit door at the front of the theater. a suspect is in custody. 24-year-old james eagen holmes. he lives in an apartment about four miles from the theater. police say at this point they are confident he acted alone. 71 people were shot. they found four weapons there at the scene. they say at this point they are not in a position to answer the question that all of us have
2:33 pm
been asking since this went down -- why? nbc leeann gregg joins us from the scene. what can you tell us? what's the latest there? >> reporter: within the last 30 minutes a news conference was held with the governor, d.a., police chief of the city of aurora. he said police arrived within 60 to 90 seconds after they received the first call of the problem. that was 39 minutes after midnight. there were four theaters. all were full in anticipation of the big premiere. they also said -- they confirmed that still the fatality number is 12. two died in hospitals. ten died on scene. they were taken to six different hospitals. governor john hickenlooper said, our hearts are broken. he called this the action of a deranged mind.
2:34 pm
he said that the man set off two devices -- the suspect -- with irritants and smoke as a distraction before he started shooting. he said it was like nothing he had ever seen before. they are analyzing social media. they have interviewed 400 people. at this point, 100 fbi agents are on the scene along with other federal investigators. they are looking at leads well beyond colorado. the car of the suspect was parked just outside the exit. a lot of questions will be asked about how did he get in? did someone open the exit door? was it opened for ventilation? that's one question still to be addressed. craig? >> all right. leeanne gregg there from the mall in colorado. one of the things we also found out moments ago from the news conference from the police chief, just how well planned this attack seemed to be.
2:35 pm
we heard a lot about what he was wearing during the attack. full body armor. throat protector, groin protector. he was in all black wearing a ballistic helmet as well. 24-year-old james holmes born on december 13, 1987. police say that holmes also booby-trapped his apartment as well. that apartment in a complex four miles from the theater where the shooting spree took place. aurora, colorado's police chief talked about what's inside. we are not sure what we were dealing with in the home. there appears to be incendiary devices, chemicals there. they are linked together with wires. as a layman, it's something i have never seen before. we have smart bomb techs up there trying to figure out what we are going to do. >> reuters correspondent
2:36 pm
stephanie simon joining me now from the apartment complex. have they been able to get inside yet? >> reporter: just about 20 minutes ago one of the fire trucks that's here lifted about three or four law enforcement officers. they looked from the distance i'm at, at least one wearing an fbi jacket. and some equipment to the roof of the suspect's apartment. they have had officers scouring the rest of the building. it's a small apartment building with 12 units in it. they have gone through room by room looking for, you know, people, pets and other explosive devices. they have been afraid to open the door to the suspect's apartment. as you heard the chief say, they don't know where all the wires go and exactly what's booby-trapped and what could go off. they have been investigating the cameras. they look like they are about to perhaps send in a bomb robot. >> want to let viewers a at home know they are looking at live
2:37 pm
pictures of what's happening there at the apartment complex. just a few miles from the theater where all of this happened. we just saw a crane with officers on it right outside the window. i know there were about five buildings that were evacuated at a precaution. are those nearby buildings still evacuated? >> yes. as far as we know they are all still evacuated. we haven't been able to get a count of how many people have been displaced from their homes. i spoke with a young man who lived in the apartment building and said they have no idea when they can get back in. it might be tonight. it might be in a couple of days. they are just prepared for anything in terms of the damage or the chemicals in there. >> stephanie, have you been able to track down or talk to anyone who lived in the building or lived nearby who knows james holmes? >> reporter: i talked to two folks who had and met him several times at the zephyr lounge, a bar down the street.
2:38 pm
one gentleman, jackie mitchell, is a furniture mover and he said tuesday he walked into the bar after work. they were having a happy hour special. he saw james sitting there with a backpack and a friendly look on his face. they started talking and shared a couple of beers on the happy hour special. he said james was relaxed, calm, friendly. they were talking about football and the denver broncos, how many touchdown passes peyton manning would throw this year. nothing at all more disturbing. >> stephanie simon with reuters. thank you very much for that. >> reporter: thank you. bye-bye. >> one of the people killed in the shooting was an aspiring sports caster who barely escaped a mass shooting at a mall in toronto last month. her name is jessica ghawi. she used the name jessica redfield as a journalist. she took a friend with her to the movie theater and tweeted about it before it started. joining me on the phone is mike
2:39 pm
lavender, one of jessica's friends. good afternoon to you, sir. >> good afternoon. how are you? >> jessica's brother jordan blogged about what happened. i want to put it on the screen here. he wrote in part jessica and brent were seated in the middle portion of the theater when a device was thrown into the theater that produced a hissing sound. the theater then -- have you been able to talk to jessica's family? what's the latest about what happened? this morning i saw the tv. i opened up my facebook page and her mother left a message on my wall. she just said flat out, jessica was killed last night. please call me. i talked to her mom this morning. you can probably imagine very distraught. she was just disoriented. i know her pretty well.
2:40 pm
i was trying to figure out this morning what was going on. it was surreal. i'm seeing it on tv but somebody i know is involved in this? jessica's dead? no. she's 25 years old. i just had a text message with her. i have been in l.a. and she was a huge hockey fan. a huge sports nut. she loved sports and hockey is her passion. we were joking about the stanley cup. i tweeted earlier a photo of her i took with my phone of her face in front of the stanley cup. she just put it as her profile picture. i just spoke with her. her mother was just -- i mean, i -- to hear her voice -- it's making my chest hurt just talking about it, just remembering the sound in her voice. i just talked to her. she was actually on the phone with her mother because the
2:41 pm
movie, it was 15 minutes into the movie this happened. she was on the phone with her mom discussing -- you know, her mom was supposed to come visit next week. they had all these plans and she gets the call later after she had gone to bed. just, hey -- >> here's the thing, mike. this is what has all of us here scratching our heads. here is a young lady to, again, just weeks ago. in fact, in her most recent blog post she talked about the shooting in toronto. she writes, quote, my receipt shows my purchase was made at 6:20 p.m. after that purchase i said i felt funny, a feeling that was overwhelming enough to lead me to head outside in the rain to get fresh air. the gunshots rung out at 6:23. had i not gone outside i would have been in the midst of that gunfire. can you believe she survived one shooting only to be killed here
2:42 pm
in colorado? >> yeah. i remember reading that blog. you know, it was one of those sort of, well, i'm glad you're okay. i'm glad you're okay. like how shocking. how -- just to be involved -- i mean, we have been in weird situations in our lives, but i have never been in front of anybody being shot. i mean, i have been to a firing range, but never in public. i have never witnessed it. it's one of those things. so surreal. but, yeah, to have that happen and then to be a victim just months later. it's just -- it leaves you in disbelief. you know, i have heard people talk this morning about this shooter. i don't know his name. i don't care. i just know that, you know, it seemed odd. i mean i felt almost like he was trying to emulate a character in these batman movies. in fact, i find it completely
2:43 pm
bizarre that in the last batman movie, bruce wayne, christian bale asks alfred, michael cain, why the joker does what he does. he says, some men want nothing more than to just see the world burn. there is no reason. to me, i can't imagine any reason why anybody would do this. you know people can snap at any moment. two smohootings. she was an amazing woman. she started a charity in denver to gather up used sports equipment for families that lost theirs in the fires. she was trying to give back. she was also trying to start her career. that's the kind of person she was. >> mike, thank you for sharing your thoughts about your friend
2:44 pm
jessica ghawi. i appreciate your time. we are sorry for your loss, sir. >> thank you for taking a moment to talk about her and let the world know that we lost a good one. we lost a lot of good ones. thank you. >> we did. thank you, sir. new york, just one city where officials are now scrambling to beef up movie theater security. the feds also trying to reduce the possibility of a copy cat. we are going to have the latest on that part of the story as our coverage of the tragedy in colorado continues. >> it was total chaos. there were people running, screaming, saying my friend just got shot, my sister just got shot. just everywhere. everywhere you turn. you know, people were just in complete panic. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills.
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2:48 pm
the uk's second largest movie chain is beefing up security at its 79 theaters. the new york city police department has confirmed there will be a police presence at all screenings of "the dark knight rises" tonight. jonathan dietz has more on that. what are they doing here in the big apple? >> police commissioner briefed us saying at least two police officers, uniformed at every movie theater in the city showing the batman movie tonight. he said there are more than 40 theaters in all. as a precaution, nothing to indicate there is a threat to the theaters, but in case there is a copy cat and to make people feel secure about the law enforcement presence. >> this is not just in new york city. >> chicago is doing the same thing. we spoke with officials in new jersey. it's case-by-case in paramis for example there will be security as well. all precaution their. just given the nature of what
2:49 pm
happened in colorado and how shocking and upsetting it is. we see it from time to time. the bus bombing in israel. beefed up security at synagogues and jewish areas for a time. they take a look and say it's a smart thing to do. they are taking extra measures a as a precaution. >> jonathan dienst, thank you very much. appreciate your work. new york mayor michael blumberg pointing to the tragedy in colorado to make his case for tighter gun control. he's telling the men running for president to wake up. >> instead of these two people, president obama and governor romney, talking in broad things about making the world a better place, tell us how. when it comes to the future of medicare and social security,
2:50 pm
you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at
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last night's mass shooting
2:53 pm
in a colorado movie theater represents a tragedy which unfortunately americans are becoming far too familiar with. so far this year alone at least five other mass shootings have taken place in the united states. in february a teenager shot into a high school cafeteria killing three. a gunman in oakland left seven dead. in april, a few days after that two men accused of shooting a passer-by in an oakland neighborhood killing three. may 30 a gunman shot into a cafe killing five. earlier this week a man shot into a crowded bar in alabama injuring 17. the national rifle association has just released a statement moments ago saying in part, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the community. the nra will not have any further comment until all the facts are known. tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern, ann
2:54 pm
curry will anchor a special "dateline" and then chris jansing at 10:00 p.m. live from aurora, colorado. i'm craig melvin here for tam ron hall. catch us every friday 2:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. "the cycle" is next. ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. if you want a soft bed you can lie on one of those." what we do is, we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. never tried this before. this is your body there. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour
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the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? galzoom has an easy and affordable option. you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself. breaking uh news leads "the cycle" today. colorado police are working to dismantle booby traps inside the apartment of former med student 24-year-old james eagen holmes. they have been at it now for 11 hours. last night after midnight holmes entered a packed screening of "the dark knight rises" through an emergency exit with an ar-15, remington shotgun and a glock. police say he sprayed teargas and fired many rounds into the crowd leaving 12 dead and another 59 injured. bullets went through the walls
2:58 pm
injuring movie goers in an adjacent theater. he told police outside there were flammable or explosive materials inside his apartment. neighbors were evacuated this morning and they have been out since. at this point we know what happened. we still don't know why. here is the latest from police last hour. i imagine i will be asked how many rounds were fired. we have no capability right now of calculating that number. there were many, many rounds fired. that his apartment is booby-trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. so we have an active and difficult scene there. it may be resolved in hours or days. >> our affiliate kusa. jeremy, what have police found there? >> reporter: there is a quiet sense of apprehension in the neighborhood that's been criss-crossed with yellow police
2:59 pm
tape all morning. numerous paramedic vehicle, emergency vehicles, police walking around in some cases with assault rifles. at the center of the scene an unassuming square, red brick apartment complex, very generic. on the third floor of the apartment complex we are told that's the residence of james holmes. inside that residence, inside that apartment unit is a booby-trapped apartment, according to the chief of the aurora police department, daniel oates. we were told by the aurora fire department inside there are numerous bottles containing some type of unknown liquid. connected to the bottles are wires. it is a sophisticated sort of contraption or operation that the suspect set up in this apartment. it seems he was methodical a in his plan. at this point, we have been told by the fire department, by the police that they have snapped photographs from the outside of the apartment through a window


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